A little blog about my life with Bikram yoga, adventures in Boston, and life in general.

Hungry and Dehydrated

I’m on class 19 in 20 days and so have reached that point where I’m hungry all the time and cannot hydrate enough no matter what I do.

Even though I knew that I was going to go to class at 3:30 on Saturday, I decided that I needed to eat around 2pm. The only food in my apartment was one lonely Ezekiel English muffin. I knew this was an absolutely horrible idea and I would hate myself in about two hours, but I slathered it with vegan butter and ate it anyway.

Jump to Standing Bow.

Teacher: Chest down, chest down, chest down! Parallel to the floor!

Me: (thankfully only in my mind) If my chest goes down, my lunch is going to come up.

Class was (literally) a hot mess. I made it through the standing seriously with a reasonable level of dignity. But by the time we started the Cobra series, I was seriously hurting. I tried to do the first set of each pose, although nowhere near as deep into the pose as I would normally go, but it just wasn’t happening.

What strikes me the most interesting of this experience is that missing a few poses throws off the rest of your class. You can’t mess with the prescription. If you miss one, you’re not set up for the next one, and the domino affect takes over.

I have a confession. I’ve been looking in the mirror during class, you know, in those times when you’re not supposed to be looking in the mirror. I have to say, it’s screwed everything up!

As soon as I started to try to make each pose look like I thought it should look, or had a “omg, I look like THAT!?” moment, it all went to hell.

New mission. No cheating, no mirrors.

Best Bikram Yoga Blogs!

A little shameless self-promotion here.

My dear friend Cassandra nominated my blog and it’s on a list of Best Bikram Yoga Blogs. I’m tickled pink!

There have been a lot of things going on in my life lately and my yoga practice has taken a beating.  The new job and new apartment have pushed me to start going to a new yoga studio! At least for now, I’m practicing at Bikram Yoga Natick.  This studio just opened and it’s a great space.  But more on that later.

Yoga Bank – a withdrawal, please!

In January of this year, 2011, I only made it to 11 classes. The last two years I made it to 31 classes in January!  I’m not looking at this in a negative way, I’m actually pleasantly surprised.  Some teachers talk about the yoga bank.  That with each class you put a little more in your yoga bank, someday, when you have enough in the bank, you can cash in on it a little bit.  This month has been my time to cash in.  The cool thing that has pleasantly surprised me this month is that even with my sparse practice schedule, my practice is actually doing quite well.

Sure, my practice isn’t at it’s peak form, but I’m amazed that even with this sparse practice, I can still get into the postures as much as I can.  I think think it’s a credit to this yoga and its system, because the five years up to this has let me take some time off, go through the physical labor of moving (which sucked, by the way), and shovel through about five blizzards, and still be ok. I love this yoga.

New Studio

At first, I wasn’t so sure. I missed my friends. It wasn’t the same.  The teacher has a different pace.  Was it hot enough?  Ugghh I don’t wanna be the new girl! I’m tired of being the new girl!

But then… a few friendly faces. Louise, from Nashua!  Margie! Dianna from STC! And then I started to recognize faces and they recognized mine. There was friendly chatting. I met someone who knows someone else I know. The yoga family starts to come together. Maybe this isn’t so bad.

The heat.  Well, was it hot enough? Judging by Lake Emily that forms on either side of my mat during class, yeah, it’s hot enough. In fact, it’s hot enough and there is awesome air flow.  So no, it’s not the fires of hell like some studios I’ve been at, but what does that really mean?  It means I have to work a little bit harder.  Oh wait.. no, not that I have to, I was already working it hard.  It means that I can work harder.  I can get into postures. I can breathe.

I have to admit, I wouldn’t mind if it was just a little bit hotter in the room.  But to me, all that really means it that I can work just a bit harder.  Lock the knee a little bit more. And kill myself every time I walk into the hot room.  I love it.

6:19 pm, Snowed In and No Yoga

Hello there, yoga folks.  Long time, no blog. Lots has been going on in my life and the blog was abandoned for awhile, but hopefully I can get back to it now.

So what’s been going on?  Lots.

New job. I decided last fall that it was time for a change in my working life and I sent out some feelers.  Much to my surprise, it didn’t take long before I had an offer and decided to take it.  It was hard to leave my job, I’d be there for about 6 years.  But I was stuck. In a rut. Going no where.  As I prepared to make my exit, I was surprised to feel sad to leave.  I miss the people.  Some of them.  But the change has been good.

The new job is sort of kicking my ass.  It’s kind of like being thrown into a bull pen and told to run. It’s fast, it’s busy, it’s intense. This is exactly what I wanted, something to push to me, to help me learn, to make me grow, and to grow my career.  It’s been about two months and I am only just starting to feel like I’m getting the hang of it.

New apartment. I moved on January 1 to a lovely apartment in a beautiful Boston suburb. I really love it.  On New Year’s Day 7 of my closest friends showed up to help me move. Ironically, most of them were yoga people. It took a 14 foot UHaul, two full sized pick-up trucks, my Jeep, another SUV, and a car to move everything, but we made it in one trip and it took less than 4 hours.  When it was done we went out for awesome Mediterranean food.  I am so lucky to have such great friends.

Now I’m in the midst of a very snowy winter and I’m not loving it. Too much snow. Too cold. I’m very much ready for this to be over!  But, the hot room has been a blessing in that it works out the kinks that set in from too much shoveling and it keeps my spirits up when it just won’t stop snowing!

Tuesday, November 2, Day #9

5pm, Bikram Yoga Natick

I was in Natick looking at an apartment, so I took the opportunity to visit the Natick studio again.  This is my third visit and I like it more and more each time.  The studio is new, so everything is clean and shiny and pretty.  The heat seems to be coming up too, the temperature tonight was great.  The carpet is slippery as all hell, which makes my nemesis that is Triangle Pose even harder, but if it makes me work harder, I get more benefit, so it’s all good.

Sometimes it’s nice to have a class that isn’t as hot as the fires of hell because I can actually do more of the poses.  I had a great Standing Head to Knee today, I nailed both sides and even came out of them step by step instead of falling over. Classes like these are a good ego boost and also remind me to enjoy the practice and have fun with it.